Have you been trying to use the Law Of Attraction to manifest what you want, and

getting nowhere?

Are you tired, frustrated and ready to give up?

Help is on the way!

Yes! You CAN Become a Master Manifester!


Yes ! You CAN Magnetize Your Desires!


Yes! You CAN Finally Live your Ideal life!



Who are we and why should you listen to us? 

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940px-box-shadow copy 2Estra Roell, LOACC and Kathleen Martin, LOACC

THE Self Empowerment Dynamic Duo!  

Certified Law of Attraction Life Coaches

Creators and Co Hosts of Coach Cafe’ Radio



‘Magnetize To Manifest’: 7 Steps To living your Ideal Life Program will:

Finally clear the confusion about the Law of Attraction so you can magnetize more of what you want in your life and teach you the how to live the life you have always wanted!

Using a variety of Video, Audio and your ‘Magnetize To Manifest’ Guidebook you will learn the 7 powerful steps.

This powerful program includes:


green arrowStep 1: Creating a vision Learn the importance of starting with a vision, how to laser focus your attention and imagination to see and feel what you want to create.   Discover the real reason you create a vision for what you want!mag6 copy


green arrowStep 2: Desire– Learn what desire really is, it’s importance in manifesting  and how to ramp up the ‘juice’ on your vision using the feeling of desire!


green arrowStep 3: Beliefs – Even when you are doing everything “right” subconscious beliefs that you may not even know you hold, can sabotage you in creating what you want.  In this step you’ll learn how to identify those beliefs, shift them to new beliefs that support your goals and get instant feedback that they are replaced!


green arrowStep4: Acceptance Discover how to get into the feeling of accepting that you can create what you want—without question and beyond a shadow of a doubt!


green arrowStep 5: Intention This is where you will learn what an intention is, how to set an intention correctly, in alignment with Source. You’ll also learn about a law of the universe that you may not realize you are using in a way that actually sabotages your manifesting.



green arrowStep 6: Action–  We live in a physical universe, so action is necessary to receive what we want.  In this step you will learn how to take action and when to take them so they will be easy, efficient and powerful.


green arrowStep 7: Allowing – This is a critical step!  So many people get 98% of the way to manifesting what they want, then keep it from them by not knowing how to do this final step.  Learn how to stay in that place of balance between the pairs of opposites to allow what you desire to manifest!  

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“The universe likes speed. Don’t delay. Don’t second guess. Don’t doubt!” 

Magnetize to Manifest 7 Steps to Living Your Ideal Life Program!

Using these steps daily will put you on your way to becoming a Master Manifester.


Here is what you will receive 



Magnetize to Manifest Action Guide (PDF)paperback2-1

Your comprehensive guide to take you step by step through the entire process to becoming a master manifester. To get the most out of this guide read and follow the steps daily.






Magnetize to Manifest -Relax, Focus and Visualize  (Mp3)disc copy

In this audio you will learn and practice the skills necessary to create a vivid visualization of what you want to manifest.








Magnetize to Manifest -Sub-Personality Journey  (Mp3)

Your personality has many parts.  This is a meditative practice to help evolve some parts of your personality that may have doubts or fears about you stepping out in bigger ways in your life or going for what you really want.  You want ALL of you on board with your vision!disc copy








Magnetize to Manifest-Mindful Breathing Meditation (Mp3)

This mindful breath exercise will create a new relationship with the process of breathing. This proven pattern of breathing will put you in the place of consciously changing the way you feel immediately so you can go from feeling powerless to powerful!

disc copy











Magnetize to Manifest-EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) Video

magvid-templateEmotional Freedom Technique-(EFT) is a psychological acupressure technique that uses your own fingertips to optimize your emotional health and wellbeing. Use this EFT video to remove the belief ‘I’m not worthy’ and replace it with the feeling of worthiness so you can attract more of what you want.

EFT Tapping Handout Download (PDF) 






Magnetize to Manifest- Muscle Test Video


Applied Kinesiology, or muscle testing, is a way to get feedback from your higher self and subconscious mind. It is based on the mind-body connection.

This video shows you how to test yourself so you can be confident you have cleared limiting beliefs.






Magnetize to Manifest- Magnetizing Meditation (Mp3)

In this guided meditation you will get specific instructions on how to how to work with energy and create a magnetic field around you to become magnetic to what you want.                        disc copy












Magnetize to Manifest- This Is Your Brain On Meditation Video


 In this video you will truly understand the power of including daily meditation!


 “It is the most positive and powerful thing I could do for myself.  It is so supportive and ‘right on’ to lead you to where you want to go.” -Bobbi Terzi




I was trying to build up a practice in Virginia and finding it tough. When I got clear on exactly how I wanted my business to look, even to how many appointments I wanted to have each week and the type of people I wanted to work with, and began visualizing and magnetizing that, it shifted for me very quickly. People I want to work with have been coming to find me.                                                       ~ Christie Savage, Acupuncturist


theresa-m“I have awakened to an entirely new level of awareness and sensitivity to my thoughts, feelings and desires for life.” -Theresa Messano

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bonus1 copyThis Meditation Bundle includes three short and powerful meditations:

Wake Up with Light: This short meditation guides you into starting your day calling in the higher light and pre-paving your day with light. A beautiful way to begin a fantastic day!

manifesting your life's workI Have Value: This is a wonderful meditation for getting in touch with your Higher Self and tuning in to your value as a person.


Attracting Your Life’s Work: This guided meditation will lead you to relax and imagine your ideal life, engaged in doing work you love and in alignment with your highest purpose. 








bonus1 copyGet ready to understand the Law Of Attraction And Universal Laws that effect everything in your life and become a more Self Empowered You!



Positive Thinking Affirmation Screensaver & Much More!



 Bill King is a #1 best selling author, speaker, and coach.  His latest website teaches the Law of Attraction from a completely different point of view. It’s called, and it is built on the premise that negative thoughts stink. There’s a quiz they can take to check their stink-o-city, tons of easy-to-follow exercises, and even a kindness meter where they can log kind deeds.

Download Bill’s incredible screensaver here ,  or click on the image, and start choosing to stay positive in your thinking today. Each image in the screensaver contains a positive affirmation to help you achieve maximum results.  Also enjoy a super cool FREE membership that contains content sections for kids, parents and even educators. You deserve a break so enjoy these and many more gifts from Bill.

bonus1 copyGarden Wisdom Secrets – 5 Ways to Grow in Life Balance and Joy


Bonus Gift

                                      Free Audio Recording

Dr. Mary Beth Ford makes connections between garden images and life experience in her search for life balance.  She describes this balance as a blending of work in the world with time for nourishing the inner Self.  She wants to help busy people live with Spirit in the world.

The Synergy Weight Release Tune In and Discovery Guide

bonus1 copy                                                                                                                      


With this Guide you will discover…
How to Incorporate Alignment Eating
How to Be More Conscious and Mindful When You Eat
Your Eating Triggers and Negative Eating Habits
How to Tune In to Your Body’s Inner Wisdom
Your Limiting Beliefs That Have Sabotaged Your Weight Release Efforts
Your Subconscious Programs That Have Taken Control Over Your Life

5 Principles for Using Your Mind to Overcome Obstacles

bonus1 copy

In this mini-course, inspirational speaker and bestselling author Michelle Cruz Rosado explains the five ways in which we can continuously live in the present moment.
 In her “5 Principles for Using Your Mind to Overcoming Obstacles,” Michelle can help you clarify your vision and confront your unconscious behaviors

bonus1 copy“Oneness Meditation”

one meditation

Marcia A. Schwartz, M.S., L.C.S.W., author of Path of Return: a Spiritual Guidebook to Enlightenment in Everyday Life, guides you, through a whole body experience, to the expansive state of Oneness.

This gentle meditation offers you a retreat from the stress of life as you ride your breath to remembering the peace of your essential-Self nature.

Take a moment to return to that which your heart seeks.



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